Communication skills are a manifestation of high emotional intelligence. It is a branch of knowledge itself to enable an individual to make the correct and appropriate choices of words, best compliments, fair criticism, etc.

Foremost in learning communication is to have a positive and optimistic attitude: Learn to listen actively, show empathy, try to think from other peoples standpoints, face problems, and resolve conflicts. Communication is an interactive process. Good communication skills will not only help people feel comfortable but also build positive interpersonal relationships.

Garrick is currently the Operations and Creative Director of True Star Publishing Limited.

A First-class Honors graduate of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2002, majoring in directing and the Outstanding Drama Student Award recipient of the year. Artistic works in the academy include ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (Director), ‘The Legend of White Snake’, ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’.

He has served as producer, host and music director for Singapore Chinese radio station [883 JIA], as executive producer and director of The Spring-Time Group in Hong Kong, as the creative director of Shining Entertainment and Managing Director of 20Six Productions in Singapore. Garrick’s director, producer and acting credits in Hong Kong include ‘Wild Wild Rose’, ‘Let’s Rock’, ‘72 Tenants’, ‘To be Loved’, ‘A Mui Live!’ ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World’, ‘My Fair Lady’, ‘I Have a Date with Spring’, ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘The Ugly Duckling’, and ‘A-La-Ding’. These productions have toured in Macau, China, Canada, Singapore and Malaysia. He has also served as a concert and musical director for diverse veteran artistes, including Fung Bo-Bo, Adia Chan, Johnny Ip, Lisa Wong, Ken Chan, Sabrina Leung, Wu Fung, Rita Carpio.

His recent productions in Singapore, including ‘Crescendo’, ‘Xu Zhimo’, ‘Secret’, ‘Chinatown Opera Festival’; he has hosted various shows, events and press conferences, include ‘Kowloon Club Charity in A Million Steps’,International Master Chefs’ Charity Night’, ‘Southeast Asia Female Entrepreneurs Awards’; He has also participated in several Mediacorp television dramas series such as ‘Life Less Ordinary’, ‘Mind Matters’, ‘29th February’, ‘Mind’s Eye’.

Garrick was also the drama teacher and consultant with many schools in Singapore, ranging from kindergartens to secondary schools and community clubs. He has produced many years of drama competitions in Mandarin, English and Malay to allow students to express their creativeness on stage. His stage productions were often used by students in the drama appreciation session. In recent years, he has produced ‘The first Xin Yao – The Next Generation Singing Competition’ with the objective of passing down these original songs of Singapore to the next generation. In addition, he has also conducted English drama training workshop for students from China and Singapore, organised by Tianjin television and radio station for their program - ‘A Learning Road Trip’.

Garrick has been frequently invited to schools to share his experience in the field of radio broadcasting and educational career guidance. He loved to share with the young the positive aspects of performing arts, developing and maintaining positive energy within.

Christy graduated from City University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Teaching English as a Second Language (BATESL) and a minor degree in psychology. She was the Master of Ceremony of several University-level events, CityU ambassador and the recipient of the CityU Outstanding Service Award.

She has been an English teacher and curriculum developer since 2006 in various schools, including kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The courses which she has developed include the following. For kindergartens, jolly phonics courses, storytelling, fun drama. For primary schools, interview skills, student leadership programs, poems and songs, English drama, English fun day, and creative writing. For secondary schools, HKDSE English, short stories, drama, debate, social issues, learning science and mathematics through English, English ambassadors, and English summer camps.

She believes that the best way for children to learn is to have fun. To promote and integrate this idea in the lessons, she has been focusing on designing lessons and developing curriculum for over 30 schools.